Member Service 6/29/22


      Thank you so much for all who has become our member and supporting us. We try and will continue to keep our best to help every member. However, due to high increment of new members, we may not response to everyone as quickly as before. In order to save everyone's time and keep thing simple, we will explain serval cases:

First of all, we highly recommend our member to read our Memberbook which has include all the features and introductions. If you still having problems, send us an email, we will try our best to help.

  • Sponsor and Referral's name did not display on Member Portal: One of the most cases happens as member can not see their Referrals or Sponsor. We do not recommend using other people's phone or electric device to create an account other than using your own. Simply scan the QR code from your sponsor and it will navigate you to the register page. If you are a Sponsor and can not see your Referrals, let them send a confirmation email to us with Sponsor register Email Address to prove that they were invited as a fact. Only Referrals' confirmation email will be authorized to make change. (Example: Hi, this Email is to confirm that I was invited by John, his/her register email address,, but I did not see him in my dashboard. Please help to make changes. )
  • Can not verified email address: So far we notice that user of Yahoo email can not click on verify email address button. We are currently working on it. At the meanwhile, if you found yourself that experienced the same issue, please forward that verify email to us and we shall manually verified your email address within 24 hours. Note: any account that without a verified email address will be deleted.
  • Transaction made but not display on member portal: as the member program was developed for online shopping at very first, credit card and cash payment will not automatically be recorded. That's why we have to manually add the transaction into each user's account. We strongly encourage everyone to keep the receipt for cash or credit card. Prove of bank transaction is also ok but make sure you have covered your account number and personal info. If you could not provide any prove of transaction, it will take time for us to discover and help you claim it back. All prove of transaction can be accepted via our Email with the date you visited and your register email address. (Example: Jun 29th 2022/Energy Therapy/$500 + photos or screenshot + register member email.)

We are still working and upgrading our system to satisfied every member needs and develop a stronger, better and more beneficial program. Thanks again to anyone who support us.  

Updated Jun 29th, 2022

Fuheng Dev Team

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